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Diagnostic Facet Joint Block Process

We have created a streamlined process to have your client screened to determine if they have facet joint mediated injury for as low as $300! 


As a personal injury lawyer, you need to know if your client has a physical injury that can be supported by medical evidence. We are pleased to offer a timely and cost-effective way to provide this valuable information to you and your client. The Diagnostic Facet Joint Block (DFJB) testing is one of the most recognized and supported protocols for identifying physical sources of pain. 


Initially, it will involve your office providing us with your client's information by completing a referral form. We will communicate with your client directly to arrange the screening evaluation with Dr. Gordon Lawson. Payment will be due upon completion of evaluation (an invoice will be sent out, minimum $300).


Your office will be contacted once Dr. Lawson has completed his evaluation. At this time, involvement from your firm will be required to have the client proceed to Diagnostic Facet Joint Block testing. 


After DFJB testing has been completed, our office will follow up with you to advise of the results of this testing with Dr.Brown.  You can then decide if you wish to pursue a full FASTEC multidisciplinary assessment or obtain a brief DFJB results report. 


We are here to make this process easy, efficient, and effective in aiding you in preparing a strong case for your client. With the provision of a simple prescreen test procedure you will be able to determine if objective, evidence-based support is available for your client's condition.


Contact us now to start this process for your clients. We are here to help you!